Manaus…place to avoid??

Manaus…place to avoid??

England’s Football Manager Roy Hodgson is in Manaus, Brazil, trying to build bridges after saying that Manaus, for whatever reason, was a place to avoid.

I’ve read in lurid headlines that you can get rabies, malaria, hepatitis….all sorts of diseases. No different then to most of the rest of the world. Taking precautions ie medication, inoculations is pretty much the norm these days for most holidays outside of Europe.

Manaus is a modern city. Yes, it has poor areas but so do most other cities. Manaus has a beautiful centre with an Opera House, French style square, shopping centres, modern luxury hotels and more then these it is surrounded by the amazing Amazon Rainforest.

I have spent many an evening in the square with friends and alone, without ever feeling afraid. I have walked alone back to my hotel in the evening and never been bothered. The comments I’ve read about it being drug ridden I don’t recognise as the city I know and love.

Our footballers are spending just a few days in Manaus. Yes the heat and humidity will hit them when they first arrive, but they are the fittest young men in the country, they can acclimatise and if they can’t cope with a couple of hours of football in the heat, God help us.