Devon is one of the most beautiful counties in England and I am privileged to live here. Looking from my window in the mornings, I see clear blue skies, sparkling sea and rolling hills…. rain clouds too, can’t be blessed every day and besides the rain gives the countryside the precious water it needs to look stunning on a sunny day.
On this blog I will introduce you to some of Devons countryside, wildlife, events and on occasion I will rant and rave about Devons problems and needs. Hope you can join me.


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  1. Hi
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the wonderful photos of the lovely area where you live. I came upon your blog while looking for information about the Torquay area as my adult daughter and boyfriend are thinking of staying at The Osbourne Club next year.

    As we live in Australia and are accustomed to warm weather I wonder if you can please advise me of just how cold it will likely be early in December (4th – 11th Dec) 2015 ?

    I read how in late December last year it was too cold outside for you to do more than quickly take a photograph and then retreat inside again. Would it possibly be too cold in early December for my daughter to walk around the beach and explore the area?

    Thank you very much, your advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    • I have lived in Australia myself and I can tell you there is a big difference in temperature between the two countries in December. Tell your daughter to wrap up warm. I myself feel the cold more, when coming from a hot climate and going into a cold one, until the body adjusts.
      With a bit of luck she may arrive when there is a warm..warmish spell. Certainly she and her boyfriend should be able to walk along the sea road in front of the hotel unless there is a storm and the road is closed…not often. When the tide is low there is a small, narrow beach there.
      The coast road opposite the Osbourne is one of our favourite walks, summer or winter.
      If your daughter is energetic there is also a flight of stairs opposite the Osbourne which goes up to Daddy-hole Plain, lovely views, and if she and her boyfriend are really fit they can continue the walk along the lovely coastal path which ends at the Imperial Hotel where they can rest and have a coffee and enjoy more beautiful views over the town and hills and coast…the 64 bus passes the Imperial and can take them back to the Osbourne if they are tired.
      This small bus, the 64, can be caught at the bus-stop opposite the Osbourne which runs every hour and goes to town…..takes about ten minutes…stops at the harbour. Your daughter and boyfriend can then walk along the harbour or go shopping or visit Torre Abbey.
      They can catch a bus from the towns harbour to Cockington Village/Cockington Manor which is lovely at this time of year and has history. This year on 7th December there is a Craft and Food Fayre at the manor.
      There are nightclubs, restaurants and bars in the part of town close to the harbour…reached in the evenings by foot or taxi.
      I hope this helps…I’ll write again in the second week of December to give you an idea of the temperatures and weather conditions at that exact time of year…although we do get surprises and warm weather they can’t be counted on.
      See my latest blog post about unexpected storm few days ago…tell your daughter to be prepared 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for your wonderfully detailed reply. It has been most helpful and interesting. I look forward to hearing about this year’s weather in December.

    Kind regards

    • Sorry about delay in giving you weather conditions in December.
      We had dry, sunny, but cold days interspersed with gale force winds and storms. If you follow my blog you would already have seen one of these storms…the photos were taken along the road opposite the hotel your daughter will stay at.
      Tell her to wrap up warm, prepare for wet weather, and then enjoy….

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